We have the best kebabs in Iceland!

We’re the best in making kebabs, in Iceland, really. If you find a better one, you eventually come back to us anyway. Since 2014 we are serving the best kebabs in Iceland.

We specialise in delicious kebabs, not to mention, we also pride ourselves by offering it at reasonable prices. That means your satisfaction is important to us, because satisfied customers are coming back.

That is why, we offer various selections of kebabs in our place. Great food can be remembered, right? That’s is why we have around 200 hungry customers per day.

Our menu expands to all tastes and to people of all ages. We don’t forget about other activities, thus we invite people into lotteries, donate schools, hospitals and try to make all people around happy.

So if you are looking for a fair lunch, dinner or just you are hungry, drop in and see what we can offer to you.

Blandað best!
Viking Kebab

We are proud to serve you one of the healthiest and most well-balanced kebab in town. Quality, fresh, healthy, nutritious food in a casual, yet refined setting at a reasonable price. We make all our menu items fresh and in-house. We believe in serving you the best quality food and ensure customer satisfaction with our products as long as we operate. Rest assured that you will be given the best of what we can provide at a reasonable and affordable price.

We are proud to serve you the healthiest and tastiest kebabs. Our kebabs are prepared freshly upon order, using authentic recipes, most advanced cooking methods with finest ingredients by very top chefs.

Our team

We are the best in what we do... in kebabs!
Wiktoria Ewa
Manager co-owner

The daughter of the boss

Kebab maker

The left leg of the boss

maciek kebab

I know how to make best kebabs in Iceland. So you can have one and check if I am right.

magda kebab

I know how to make best kebabs in Iceland. So you can have one and check if I am right.

If you don’t like kebabs, well good luck finding better fast food.